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Photonic Network Communications 2006, Vol. 12 (3 ) :295 -307 doi:10.1007/s11107-006-0007-4 <<-上一篇 下一篇 ->>
Hybrid protection in WDM networks with shared risk link groups
Xu Shao(1)   Gaoxi Xiao(2)   Luying Zhou(1)   Xiaofei Cheng(1)   Yixin Wang(1)   
1.Institute for Infocomm Research Singapore 637723 Singapore Singapore 637723 Singapore
2.Nanyang Technological University School of EEE Singapore 639798 Singapore Singapore 639798 Singapore
Abstract: In wavelength-division multiplexing net- works with shared-risk link groups (SRLGs), it remains as a challenge to provide network protections with low-blocking probabilities and short average protection-swi- tching time. Based on the observation that in networks with SRLGs, link protection frequently helps avoid over-long backup routes and traps, we propose a novel hybrid protection scheme, with the objective of combining the high-average capacity efficiency of shared-path protection with the fast recovery and simple trap avoidance of shared-link protection. Extensive simulation results show that the proposed scheme steadily achieves lower blocking probabilities than both the shared-path and the shared-link protections, while the average protection-switching time is shortened as well. Meanwhile, the signaling and control procedures of the proposed scheme are kept with reasonable complexities.
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